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Heather is a Chicago-based makeup artist and licensed hairstylist with nearly a decade of experience. This has led to Heather being represented by the world-renowned Ford Modeling Agency. Heather loves working in the tv & film industry and is a journeyman in (I.A.T.S.E LOCAL 476). Heather prides herself on her attention to detail and ability to work in stressful situations. She also enjoys the creativity and freedom of editorial photoshoots and has been featured in Toksick Magazine, Italian Vogue, and other national publications.

The race of her clients is never an obstacle. Heather is very experianced with every skin color & tone. Heather carries an extensive range of color in her kit to accomated every client. You can also check out Heather's IMDB to see current shows and movies she's working on. 

Heather Headshot.jpg
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