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Heather is a first-generation American, born in Chicago IL. Heather learned at a young age that nothing will ever be handed to her and she would need to work hard to achieve her goals. This mindset has helped Heather continue to achieve and set goals. Heather fell in love with makeup at a very young age watching her older sister apply her makeup. Heather received her cosmology license, and from there she went on to work for MAC Cosmetics where Heather received extensive training. Heather gained a reputation for her hard work and dedication to artistry and got signed by FORD Modeling Agency. Heather is an IATSE 476 Union Makeup Artis, working in TV & Film. Heather continues to work on growing as an artist and advancing her skill set, Heather is a graduate of Cinema Makeup School. When Heather isn’t following her passion for makeup artistry,  she’s spending her free time with her three dogs and husband. 



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Check out Heather's IMDB to keep up with her current work.

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